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Planning a Matching Pursuit Part Two Viewing Party

Tis the season for celebrating! Part Two of Matching Pursuit is only one week away so it's time to start planning how you'll be watching Episodes 4,5, and 6. Now, there's nothing wrong with watching them at your desk -- each episode is perfect for a quick ten minute break-- or you can binge on them all at once when you have more time. But if you really want to watch in style, invite your friends over for a Matching Pursuit-themed party! Here's everything you'll need:

Costumes! Go as your favorite character! Click through the gallery below to find your look. 

Food: Bubbe makes a mean rugelach. Check out some of Bubbe's favorite recipes here.

Drinks: To celebrate Rachel's old-fashioned style, try this recipe for a classic Old Fashioned.

Decorations: Rachel is a highly-lauded statistician and her room is decorated with all of her achievements. Make your own Math Award garlands with these certificates, a hole punch, and some string. Write your guests name on them, and they'll make great party favors too. 

Activity: Watch Matching Pursuit Part Two, premiering on Friday, December 19th! Take a sneak peek at the teaser and brush up on past episodes here.

Don't forget to take pictures of your party. Post them on Twitter, #MatchingPursuit.